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MoCom at the GASCA conference #

This short video provides a summary of what the MoCom project is all about and gives insight into what we have achieved so far. What are our goals? How do we produce motion comics? The video can give teachers in subjects such as history, art, English, German/DAZ, and ethics a first impression and inspire them to include our materials in their teaching!
Dr. Sarah Fichtner and Lisa Hölscher, the two anthropologists in the MoCom team, presented MoCom in July 2023 at the conference of the German Association of Social and Cultural Anthropology (GASCA) in Munich. The video was part of their presentation at the AG Public Anthropology roundtable.
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MDR report about the MoCom project #

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The premiere of the first motion comic “Border Crossings” on June 26, 2022 was a very successful moment in the MoCom project! Right before the participants presented their motion comic to an audience on the big screen of the Helmstedt cinema “Roxy Lichtspiele”, they reflected on what they had learned about the inner-German border.

In its feature, the MDR precisely summarizes the goals of the project and the production process. The Marienborn Memorial to Divided Germany is implementing the MoCom project which was conceived and developed by Dr. Anja Werner (historian) and Dr. Sarah Fichtner (social anthropologist).

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First MoCom premiere 'Border Crossings' #

The first motion comic is finished! After eight months of work, we bring history(s) to life on the big screen – in Helmstedt and online!

In Helmstedt: On Sunday, June 26, 2022 at 11:00 AM we will present the German version “Grenzübertritte” at the Roxy cinema in Helmstedt. Following the 10 minutes motion comic, there will be a Q&A with the authors and artists. Free entry!

Online: On Monday, July 4, 2022 at 7 PM we will present online the English version “Border Crossings”. The link to the YouTube premiere will be provided here in advance.

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Weekend workshop ‘Border Crossings’ #

We ended last year with the first weekend workshop in December – a great project kick off! While virtually visiting the Gedenkstätte Deutsche Teilung Marienborn we learned about border experiences, shared memories, listened to a contemporary witness and watched motion comics.

Now, the new year starts with inspiring ideas and the creative process for the first motion comic on border crossings!

MoCom wishes you all a healthy and good 2022!

(Illustration by Adrian Pourviseh)

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