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Video: 'Border Crossings' - the first motion comic in the MoCom project was published in June 2022.

"Border Crossings"

Project 1

The motion comic “Border Crossings” tells two stories: The young Anna wants to escape from the German Democratic Republic (GDR) to her partner in Austria. Reza flees from Iran into the divided Germany. Will they be able to find a new life between the borders of a divided Europe?

The first group in the MoCom project began their memory work on the topic of Border Crossings in November 2021. The project participants collected memories from contemporary eyewitnesses. Afterwards, they collectively developed the narration for their motion comic. The artists Azam Aghalouy and Hassan Tavakoli translated the story into pictures.

The accompanying pedagogical material for the motion comic (German, except page 14-15) is available for educational work and can be downloaded here as PDF. The file can be used both digitally and as a printout.

We would be interested to know how you have used the Motion Comic and the accompanying material in your school or institution!

Story and Text: Alexandra Enciu, Madina Haidari, Adrian Pourviseh, Romy Schwarzer, Katja Utzig; coordinated by Lisa Hölscher

Illustrations: Azam Aghalouy & Hassan Tavakoli
Video editing: Hassan Tavakoli
Narrators: Adrian Pourviseh, Anja Werner

Project coordination and production management: Lisa Hölscher
Project idea, concept and planning: Dr. Sarah Fichtner & Dr. Anja Werner
Project implementation: Insa Ahrens, Dr. Susan Frisch, Lisa Hölscher, Felix Ludwig from the Marienborn Memorial to Divided Germany
Music from Ronald Kah (Babylon 18)
Sounds from AUDIYOU: Bahnhofshalle, einsam (von Sam Gelbert), Knarrende Schranktür, Quietschende Türe öffnen (von Carmen Lendi), U-Bahn Berlin (von M. Hildebrandt), Zug-Atmo (© 2012-2022 Georg Gunkel-Schwaderer / //AUDIYOU-Edition).
Sounds from mixkit Sound Effects Free License: Stopping Truck, Train arrival at station, Truck accelerates.
Sounds from SOUND JAY: Airplane landing 01, Baby cooing 10, Baby crying 01, Crowd talking 5