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Video: 'Ghost Train' - Memories of ghost trains and ghost stations in former East and West Berlin. This motion comic sparked the idea for our project.

"The Density of Freedom"

Project 2

The second MoCom group started in May 2022 with an online workshop. Afterwards, the participants began to search for memories in their environment around the general topic of Escape and Departure.

However, with the discussion of the collected memories, the original thematic focus then moved in a new direction. Titled “The Density of Freedom,” the motion comic will now tell of the growing doubts over freedom in the GDR and of the desire for a different life. Each of the two protagonists recalls an experience at East Berlin’s Alexanderplatz in the mid-1980s. We don’t want to reveal too much yet.

The manuscript for the motion comic is already written and the artist, Marc Buyny, is currently working on the drafts (thumbs nails). We will premiere “The Density of Freedom”, the second motion comic in the MoCom project, at the end of March 2023 in Helmstedt. More details will follow.

Already in...


... the second motion comic will be ready!