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Video: 'The Density of Freedom' - the second motion comic in the MoCom project was published in March 2023.

"The Density of Freedom"

Project 2

“The Density of Freedom” tells two stories around East Berlin’s Alexanderplatz – the flagship of the GDR capital. Ernest and his friends are on a school trip to East Berlin for the first time and enthusiastically stroll across the “Alex”. At the same time, Johanna goes up the TV tower with a guest from Romania. Suddenly confronted with the state power of the GDR, they both question their freedom.

The second MoCom group started in May 2022 with an online workshop. Afterwards, the participants began to search for memories in their environment around the general topic of Escape and Departure. However, with the discussion of the collected memories, the original thematic focus then moved in a new direction. The artist Marc Buyny brought the ideas of the participants to life.

The premiere of the German version took place on March 25 at the “Pferdestall” in Helmstedt.

The accompanying pedagogical material for the motion comic (German, except page 21) is available for educational work and can be downloaded here as PDF. The file can be used both digitally and as a printout.

We would be interested to know how you have used the motion comic in your school or institution!

Story and text: Nelly Eichler, Malina Helms, Daniel Mandic, Alina Reinhardt, İdil Deniz Şakar, Ronny Thon; coordinated by Lisa Hölscher

Illustration and Motion Design: Marc Buyny

Narrators: Ernest, spoken by Leo Hölscher; Johanna, spoken by Silke Mohnhaupt; Narrator, spoken by İdil Deniz Şakar

Project coordination and production management: Lisa Hölscher

Project idea, concept and planning: Dr. Sarah Fichtner & Dr. habil. Anja Werner

Project implementation: Insa Ahrens, Lisa Hölscher, Felix Ludwig from the Marienborn Memorial to Divided Germany

Music and Sounds on “Bird Wings” by “TOC1″ CC 0.0; “cafe in side street with some people talking” by “Garuda1982″ CC 4.0; “dark drums” by “theflakemaster” CC 3.0; “dark timpani 8″ by “sorinious genious” CC 0.0; “elevator the sixth floor” by “mario1298″ CC 0.0; “Folk ballad guitar improv” by “EKVelika” CC 0.0; “plop.wav” by “edsward” CC 0.0; “saximpov_rythm_changes” by “emirdemirel” CC 0.0; “Stone dropping” by “alegemaate” CC 0.0; “Water Swirl, Small, 23″ by “InspectorJ” CC 4.0 and Intro und Outro “D&B Funk Loop” by “YellowTree” CC 3.0.

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