Invitation to the Motion Comic premiere 'Ankommen'

The ‘Gedenkstätte Deutsche Teilung Marienborn’ presents the German version of another motion comic from the project “Motion Comics as Memory Work”.

Two stories are told:

Damascus and East Berlin – Isi moves from Syria to East Germany for his studies. There, he falls in love with Sylvia. Together, they return to his family in Syria. Will both of them succeed in finding a sense of belonging in a foreign land?

Leipzig and Mainz – Conni protests against the GDR dictatorship in 1989. After moving to the West, she learns that she must find her place in reunited Germany.

The MoCom is based on true memories collected by young people and crafted into a new narrative. The artist Marc Müller translated these memories into visuals.

Now, let’s bring history to life on the screen!

Moderated discussion with the authors and Marc Müller.

Free admission.

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