With the Motion Comics your reflection on the history of the divided Germany, on other borders and experiences of flight and migration should not end! Therefore, we encourage you to get creative yourself. Research these topics in your surroundings – ask your parents, grandparents and teachers. Process their experiences and memories in pictures and comics, stories and songs – or do you have a completely different idea?

Do you live near relics of the division of Germany such as old observation towers or remains of the Berlin Wall? Photograph them for us!

Send us your works to and we will publish them here on our website! We would like to post special contributions on our Instagram account!

To minors (under 18 years):

Please ask your parents for permission to send us your works together with your name and age.

To teachers:

You are welcome to let your students process the stories from the MoComs creatively in your lessons and send us the results. If you need advice on how to embed the MoComs in class, take a look at our accompanying pedagogical materials! The Marienborn Memorial to Divided Germany also offers trainings and seminars for educators and teachers.