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Video: 'Ghost Train' - Memories of ghost trains and ghost stations in former East and West Berlin. This motion comic sparked the idea for our project.

Shared History – Shared Stories

Project 3

We look back on the shared history of a divided Germany – memories of it are manifold and diverse. People have crossed the (inner) German border for various reasons – escape, migration, work or travel. What memories can your family and your community share with you?
Together we will work on a shared history and shared stories of escape, losing one’s homeland, separation and encounters. We will not only reflect on the time when Germany was divided until 1990, but also on current experiences of migration and escape, for example from Ukraine, Afghanistan or Syria.
As we share stories, we encounter different perspectives and realities, collective experiences or split biographies. Though shared by many people, some of such stories have rarely been told.
The working group on “Shared history – Shared Stories” will begin with a weekend workshop on September 9-11, 2022. Register fort he thirsd group until August 28!!! The motion comic will be published in the beginning of June 2023.



... then the third motion comic will also be finished! Super!

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Topic: Shared History – Shared Stories

Registration deadline: August 28, 2022
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